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Fast Start Your Insurance Claim 

You were led to this page to get ahead of your insurance claim for our exclusive expedited service. Thank you for being a part of this community where we give priority service to all clients. In this process, you will take photos of your car: the standard 4 corners, VIN sticker near driver door, Odometer, and the damage to each panel. We can input your information to our estimating software and begin creating your repair plan. If further disassembly is required we will notify you to bring in the vehicle. This way our conversation with the insurance company is streamlined and we already have a point of contact. Fast Easy and Convenient for you.

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Please be sure to accurately fill out all information. If you are unsure of any specific answer, the Vin number will help us identify most information for the vehicle. If you can include your adjuster's name and email it will make the process that much easier. Please be sure to double check vin number and claim number for any potential typos. 


310 635 3991



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