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Updated: Feb 2, 2022


What Now?

If you are reading this you’re either very precautious and want to stay ahead of the curve; or you have found yourself in a car wreck and need to know some helpful information of the next steps to take. No fear, we will get through this.

So Basics here :

1. Make sure you and other passengers in your car are SAFE.

2. Move car out of the way of danger, if the car is not movable, move yourself out of the way.

3. Don’t assume you are in trouble. Don’t assume you are at fault, accidents are just that , accidents.

4. Try to read out a location, street sign, mile marker, freeway sign, and be aware of your location

5.CALL 911, look, It’s not cause you want to get anyone in trouble here but, a police report is the safest way to document a story with integrity and detailed descriptions, not to mention both parties involved are probably feeling hostility towards one another; NO ONE is happy they crashed into a stranger.

6. After the police are called, call your insurance, “ Hello Ive been involved in a car accident, Here’s my policy number.” Do NOT admit fault, Do NOT lie about it not being your fault either.

7. Depending on your insurance policy and what benefits you get, this may be the time to TOW or Drive your car to YOUR choice of AUTO BODY REPAIR shops.

8. Auto Body repair shop will give you an estimate. This usually means nothing to you as insurance shall be paying what the balance is, you’re responsible for a deductible (usually $500-$1000). They will also give you a time and date to pick up the car

9. RENT-A-CAR time, yes, most insurances under full coverage have the option to cover you for a rental car while the car is in a shop, up to $50 a day, which is good enough.

10. LAST but not least, grab a copy of your police report, copy of the insurance claim, pick up your car, and inspect the work done, any gaps between parts, any paint mismatched, does it drive the same, are there any weird noises, if you have inspected that all thoroughly and you are satisfied with your car, then drive safe and enjoy the rest of your time, Thank you for reading!!

Courtesy of ARMAR BODY SHOP, (310)635-3991

Your best bet for BODY SHOP repairs with detail to quality for over 30 years.

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