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How to Choose a Body Shop

Updated: May 4, 2022

Hello to all car enthusiast, car lovers or simply daily commuters.

Ever wonder why your friends and family go to the same body shop over and over and always come back with a complaint? The answer is simple, their insurance may have recommended it, or they simply went to the first one they found.


First, you should check out their website!

Look at you getting ahead of the curve, you are already here simply go to our home page.

But seriously, check out their website and check out if the services they provide are even what you need. Some shops don't paint, some shops only paint, some do aluminum welding, some don't. Some shops require an appointment, Some shops only deal with insurance, some do mechanical work , and well look at their site. (reviews as well)

Second, Determine your needs.

What is it you need to get done? Are you repairing you fender bender, or restoring your classic? Do you need to involve your insurance, or can you afford to pay out of pocket to avoid the risk of raising your premium?

Does the shop you are going to work to your needs? Do they specialize in the aspects you need them for.

Armar Body Shop for example, we can work with you as far as pricing, we can help you lower your deductible, we aren't going to charge ridiculous labor hours or overcharge car parts. We also can make the turn around for repair in record times usually. After looking around the area the average time for turn around on collision repairs is 3 weeks, with some cars lasting as long as 3 months in a shop for a bumper replacement. The shop collects money on storage fees and other nonsense. We have literally turned around bumper jobs (requiring paint) next day in some instances.

Lastly, do your HOMEWORK

Yes, we understand, the last thing you want to do when you get into an accident is worry that you are getting into a second headache with the repair shop. That is why ARMAR makes it easy for you with reliable and quality work for fare prices, Just look on YouTube on how much of a headache choosing the wrong shop can be for you. Some preferred shops the insurances send you to actually make the agreement with the insurance company to do shotty work to save the insurance money and make profit for the shop. So do your homework, if you don't have the time, because with 2020 being as eventful as it is, just come to ARMAR body shop and we'll take over for you.

Thank you,

Your neighborhood body shop

Armar Body Shop

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